Jeep Will Electrify All It’s Line-up in Two Years

Jeep held a press event in New Zealand this week, their global president took the stage to state that their mission is to be the “greenest SUV brand in the world”, and that Jeep will offer an electric variant of “all models” by 2022.

Hybrid Jeep Renegade

That’s a bold statement. Two years to electrify a whole lineup of cars sounds almost impossible. Pretty sure they had this planned and are on track to deliver. Today in the US, Jeep does not have a single all-electric vehicle.

The company does offer hybrid versions of their cars, but to get to full electric is a longer path. “We’re going to really accelerate the electrification of Jeep. We’re going to do that very, very quickly,” Mr. Meunier said. “The mission is the greenest SUV brand in the world, that’s our mission, but also the most capable and the most fun to drive off-road and on-road.”

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