The First Electric Jeep Will be the Size of a Suzuki Jimny

The American brand Jeep specializes in the manufacturing of SUVs today. It has the most extensive range in its history, with an offer ranging from the small Renegade to the opulent Grand Cherokee, going to the iconic pure Wrangler off-road or the new Gladiator pick-up.

Despite everything, the brand does not plan to rest on its laurels. In the coming years, it will completely renew its lineup through a firm commitment to electrification and the addition of new models such as a new SUV located below the current Renegade. This model will be the first Jeep to have 100% electric mechanics.

Although other models of the firm such as the Wrangler are expected to receive electric versions in the short term, the “baby Jeep” will be the first to have such a configuration. Initially, the vehicle will be manufactured in Melfi, Italy, although it is not ruled out that it will also be produced on American soil.

Slightly larger than the current Suzuki Jimny, Jeep’s new small SUV will be focused primarily on the European market. Although not confirmed, the model is expected to make use of PSA’s (Peugeot-Citroën, Opel) CMP modular platform, a group with which FCA will merge in early 2021 to form the giant Stellantis, which will become the world’s fourth largest automaker.

Although the CMP platform has an e-CMP electric variant, the truth is that at the beginning, it is not prepared to accept all-wheel-drive systems. However, thanks to the small size of the electric motors and the fact that this type of car does not need a transmission tunnel, the CMP platform can comfortably accommodate electrified 4 × 4 versions, which would make the small model a full-fledged Jeep.

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