What is the Real Range of the SONDORS Electric Motorcycle?

A few weeks ago, we found out the details of one of the most promising electric motorcycles of the year. We are talking about the SONDORS Metacycle. A model that comes hand in hand with futuristic design compensated features and a very competitive price. But the question we all ask is what is its real autonomy.

Manufacturers usually offer us the data of estimated autonomy or under specific homologation cycles—something complicated in the case of electric motorcycles by not having a unified format.

To this is added one thing, the homologation cycle, and another is reality. Figures that are usually disparate and where variables such as the type of route and the driver’s profile come into play.

To shed some light on this matter, SONDORS has had the brilliant idea of ​​carrying out a real autonomy test with their electric motorcycle. A test that is not too scientific, but whose results can approximate ​​the real range of the motorcycle.

The route took place between Irvine and Long Beach, California, with max speed and range ratings of 80 mph (130 km/h) and 80 miles (130 km), respectively. In total, the driver needed 2.5 hours to reach his destination, in a test where we do not know at what speeds the motorcycle has circulated.

Therefore, those interested in the Metacycle already know that in addition to a model with a nominal 8 kW motor, 14.5 kW of peak power, which will allow them to enjoy more than remarkable acceleration, and a futuristic design, they will also know that its autonomy will be around 62 miles with each charge.

A proposal that is completed with a price of 5,000 dollars in the United States, its first market, and whose distribution will begin next fall.

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