A Concept for an Electric Motorhome With Tesla Semi

Vanlifer, a company specialized in designing vehicles, just created concept images of a Motorhome based on “Tesla’s semi,” which is the electric truck of Elon Musk’s company.

With all specs and several unique features from the EV company, Vanlifer stated:

“Our concept Tesla Semi-Home is a six-berth with a full kitchen, living space, toilet, and all the other luxuries of high-end motorhomes and RVs.”

Check out the model created:

The company also stated why do they think the Tesla Semi is a good option for a motor home:

“Not only does the Tesla Semi promise a fuel saving of $200,000 over two years, but its range of up to 500 miles (fully loaded) also makes it ideal for motorhomes so you can clock up some big drive days without the accompanying gas-guzzling guilt.”

The prices would go around $180,000.

What are your thoughts on the idea? Let us know.


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