Ford Cuts the Price of Mustang Mach-e in Some Markets

Ford Mustang Mach-e continues its development to arrive on time and begin its distribution in Europe and the United States at the end of the year. It’s price is also being slightly reduced to be able to enter the aid programs.

This is the case in the United Kingdom, where Ford has confirmed that the access version will start from 45,780 euros to the change, to which those interested may add the 3,400 euros that the government offers in the form of aid. That will mean that after the aid, the Mustang Mach-e will start in its access version at an impressive 42,380 euros.

The Standard Range RWD variant, with a 258 hp rear engine and a battery with a capacity of 75.7 kWh, allows it to achieve a range of 450 kilometers under the WLTP cycle. It will be placed below in terms of price of models such as Nissan LEAF e +, with its 62 kWh, a range of 385 km WLTP, and which starts at 43,570 euros before promotions and grants.

The Extended Range RWD version has seen its price slightly reduced to be able to enter the aid program. This variant will have a cost of 56,800 euros to change before aid, which means that it will also be below the 50 thousand pounds that mark the maximum to access subsidies. An Extended Range version that, as we remember, will have rear-wheel drive and a 99 kWh battery, which will allow you to travel up to 600 kilometers under the WLTP cycle.

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