An Electric Tractor with a Range Extender and Wheel Motors

Electrification is going strong in many sectors, such as transport, but much less in others such as agriculture—a space with high potential due to its usually closed and not too long routes. But from time to time, an alternative appears that proposes the installation of electric motors in tools such as tractors. This is the case with the Steyr Konzept concept.

It is just a design proposal with an electric propulsion system with a range extender, which its designers also classify as modular. Something that will mean that each unit can be adapted to the needs of each client.

The powertrain includes a diesel engine, which acts as a generator, and five electric motors. Four installed on the wheels, and a third inside the body. Engines also have an individual control system, which will facilitate maneuvering and work in difficult areas.

The STEYR Concept also offers futuristic solutions designed for precision agriculture. A drone equipped with sensors, which flies in front of the tractor in the field, sends information to the vehicle in real-time.

A proposal that offers us a more straightforward alternative in the mechanical aspect will mean fewer farmers’ problems and fewer operating expenses thanks to its greater efficiency. A concept that will have to evolve and need to know details such as whether it will reach production, autonomy, and price.

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