Volvo’s Belgium Factory to Triple Electric Vehicle Production

The electric car sector’s positive trend is causing some manufacturers to reorganize their plans to increase their production beyond what was expected. This is Volvo’s case, which given the excellent reception of the electric XC40, and has decided to take a very important step forward at its plant in Ghent, Belgium.

This will receive a strong investment that will triple its production of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. A movement that will allow them to increase their production capacity and thus meet orders in a more agile way.

In this way, once the works are finished, the Belgian plant will have a 60% production capacity of electric or plug-in models. An installation with a maximum capacity of 250,000 units per year, which would mean having the capacity to carry out around 150,000 units per year between pure electric and plug-in hybrids.

Volvo has also confirmed that the Ghent plant is preparing to bring a second fully electric model into production. According to rumors, a proposal could be a sportier and more aerodynamic version of the XC40, and that will also use the modular CMA platform.

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