Confirmed: Porsche Taycan Coupé, the Electric Brother of the 911?

Porsche’s first electric car, the Taycan, has quickly become one of the German firm’s most successful models. This executive sedan, below the Panamera in the manufacturer’s range, is only the first step in the ambitious electrification strategy that Porsche will undertake in the coming years.

Without going any further, next year, the second generation of the Macan SUV will be revealed, which will be sold exclusively as electric. Behind him, the Cayenne and Panamera are also expected to be electrified, and the sporty 718 Cayman/Boxster is even being considered for a variant of this type in its next incarnation.

The only model that for the moment will not follow in the footsteps of the rest of the range will be the iconic 911, the heart of Porsche. According to Oliver Blume, head of the brand, the development of an electric 911 would be almost impossible to amortize since it would be a limited production vehicle to which the entire powertrain would have to be adapted to its peculiar mechanical configuration (it is “everything- rear, “i.e., it has the engine” hanging “behind the rear axle).

However, Blume acknowledges that a possible Taycan Coupé would have a better chance of succeeding. This model, which has not yet received the green light, would become an electric alternative to the 911; Not for nothing. The Taycan draws directly on the iconic sports car’s design, whose characteristic rear is inspired.

The Coupé, which should initially be somewhat shorter than the standard model, would be the fourth body in the Taycan range after the sedans, Sport Turismo (station wagon), and Cross Turismo (crossover). Some rumors have also previously pointed to Porsche’s possibility of launching a Targa (partially convertible) variant of the Taycan, making it a real ‘danger’ for the 911, which is the only Porsche model with such body type.

At the moment, it does not seem that the Taycan Coupé is a priority for Porsche, so possibly until the middle of the decade, we do not know it. However, we will witness the progressive and irreversible electrification of the manufacturer, which, sooner or later, will end up affecting the 911, unless Porsche decides to discontinue it once the thermal engines are no longer viable.

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