Volkswagen Reaches 250,000 Electric Cars Sold

Volkswagen presented an update of its project for the electric car where it advanced its sales projections, estimating reaching one million units per year in 2023. This put them two years ahead of schedule. Figures that make us see how much remains ahead since the German manufacturer itself has just announced the sale of the 250,000 unit since the start of its electrical deliveries in 2013.

The carmaker had achieved sales between pure electric and plug-in hybrids of 70,000 units. This represents an increase of 40% compared to 2018 when they reached 50,000 units.

The 250,000 units have been achieved since the launch of the e-Up in 2013. The electric version of the small urban that not only continues to sell but also this year has received an essential renewal in its battery that will allow it to face 2020 with renewed forces.

The most popular model in the Volkswagen electric range is the eGolf. This accumulates a total of 104,000 units delivered. The Golf GTE follows the plug-in hybrid version of the compact that has reached 51,000 units, followed by the Passat GTE, 42,000 units, and the e-Up, 21,000 units.

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