High EV Demand Leaves BYD with 2 Month Waiting List

The Chinese manufacturer BYD has set a new personal record for deliveries last December in its home market, where the new BYD Han has become the main protagonist. A sedan that has been commissioned to release the new Blade batteries has closed a year that anticipates a very promising 2021.

During December, Han has managed to deliver 12,089 units divided between the 100% electric version and the plug-in hybrid. A figure representing a growth of 19.6% compared to the previous month, and that helps that among all its electrified models, the interannual increase is 120%.

But undoubtedly, the great protagonist of the month and of the moment is BYD Han, which has only achieved 62% of BYD’s electric car sales last month. A clear example that demand is skyrocketing and that the production capacity is not able to satisfy it.

So much so that customers must face a waiting time of up to two months for new orders. It is a long time for a brand with a lot of experience and a more mature production capacity than other startups, but which, as we can see, is also suffering from the unbridled escalation of orders in recent months.

But without a doubt, where the Han stands out the most, besides its large size and benefits, its price is below what a medium compact cost in China. This vehicle is a great choice, as you can check here.

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