BYD Presents the Details of its New Blade Battery: Higher Energy Density and Security

The Chinese manufacturer has revealed some data on its promising technology that will be a giant leap forward for battery technology: lithium ferrophosphate (LiFePO4). Thanks to this new format, it will allow the development of higher capacity packs taking less space and also with a very high level of fire and short circuit safety. In addition, security is one of the points that BYD has highlighted in its presentation.

According to the manufacturer, “In terms of safety and energy density, the BYD Blade Battery has apparent advantages. It has a configuration of individual cells that are arranged together in a matrix and then inserted into a pack due to its optimized structure that allows improving the use of space drastically compared to current models.”

battery technology: lithium ferrophosphate

These new cells can have a size per unit of between 60 centimeters and 2.5 meters and have been subjected to extreme tests to verify their resistance. For example, drilling tests where it did not emit smoke or fire and the surface temperature only reached 30 to 60 ° C. Under the same conditions, a ternary lithium battery exceeded 500 ° C and caught fire violently, while a conventional lithium iron phosphate battery, although it did not emit smoke or open flames, its surface reached dangerous temperatures of 200 to 400 ° C.

Pack de Blade Battery de BYD (PRNewsfoto/BYD Company Limited)

Vehicles equipped with these batteries will be able to access ultra-fast recharges without significant problems and no need for powerful and expensive cooling systems.

BYD president has highlighted the enormous progress made by his research teams, which will also have an impact in the short term since the production of these batteries are already in the production phase, and it will be this summer when they are installed in their first model: BYD Han.

The Chinese manufacturer has confirmed partnerships with other brands, such as Toyota, to begin the supply of this new type of batteries that will undoubtedly have a substantial impact on the industry.

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