Rivian Gets in the Holiday Spirit with R1T Powered Light Display

Some would say it’s a holiday miracle, others a prime example of what the Rivian R1T can do in the middle of a place that has no access to power. With the ongoing global pandemic hanging its ugly head over the holidays, people are looking wherever they can to find some holiday cheer and electric vehicle startup Rivian is doing their part to contribute while keeping people safe.

With CDC restrictions and guidelines in full force in most states across the U.S. while we see yet another surge in coronavirus cases, families are left trying to make this years holidays as normal as possible while still staying out of harms way. As we have heard in the past several months, if you are going to be around people outside of your household, outdoor activities while wearing a mask and continuing to socially distance is the best plan. This holiday season is one that most us of have never experienced and people are finding awesome and unique ways to keep this year’s holidays merry and bright. Huge light displays are popping up all over, not only at residential homes but at concert venues, outdoor theaters, and many other establishments.

Rivian decided to join in on the light displays, but with a twist. The company used the opportunity to show just how much its upcoming R1T can handle. The startup strung around 20,000 lights up in the middle of the woods in Normal, Illinois, at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. So what’s the big deal? Well, there is no access to power in the area, so all of the lights were powered soley by one plug that was plugged in to an R1T electric pickup truck.

The company posted a 1-minute video to showcase the display which shows a whimsical light display surrounding the R1T. The lights are beauftifully placed, but they aren’t the only star of the show. The R1T that the lights are plugged into is also on display for the onlooking families to explore. 

A unique idea that not only keeps with the spirit of the holidays but also shows off the R1T’s capabilities and usefulness in outdoor situation where you may not have access to power. As it has been continuously described as an highly capable outdoor vehicle for the adventurous driver, these are key selling points the automaker should continue to advertise.

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