Audi 2021 E-Tron Receives Bump in Range and $9,000 Price Cut

Audi’s first all-electric car, the 2021 E-tron, will come to the market with a starting price that is around $9,000 less than the current version. In addition it will see an additional 18 miles in range giving it an EPA-estimated range of 222 miles. 

The current price tag of the E-tron is $74,800 which is now expected to drop to $65,900 thanks to a new base version of the E-Tron SUV.  Along with the price drop and the bump in range, there are some perks that will be lost along the way. For example, the Bang & Olufsen sound system will be absent from the base model as well as Audi’s “Matrix” LED headlights which, doesn’t matter if you reside the in the U.S. as they aren’t available anyways. Of course, with a little extra cash you will be able to purchase a fully-loaded versions of the 2021 E-Tron starting at $79,100.

Although it’s common for automakers to limit the capacity that battery packs are able to use in order to reduce degradation, Audi is allowing the 2021 E-tron to access 86.5 kWh of its 95 kWh battery pack. In addition, its improved range is the result of making use of the most effective resources such as saving power by occasionally disengaging the electric motor on the front axle. Resulting in the EPA range jumping from 204 miles to 222 miles.

Next year, Audi is expected to have two additional Q4 versions of the E-tron for those who are trying to stick to a stricter budget.The two cheaper versions will be powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric vehicle platform.  

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