Boring Company Teases Las Vegas Loop Passenger Station

The first images have been released of Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop passenger station prior to its launch.

The Boring Company’s Loop system uses Tesla vehicles to autonomously drive through tunnels at high speeds to transport people to different locations with in the city. The first of which we will see at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA). The LVCVA is shelling out $50 million for the Loop system.

According to the Boring Company, the initial loop at the convention center will eventually become apart of a city-wide loop in Las Vegas that connects to local casinos and restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. 

The Boring Company completed the excavation of both tunnels for the project earlier this year and is now working on the electric transportation system and stations for its launch. The system originally was slated to launch in the beginning of 2021 for CES, but that has since been cancelled due to the current global health crisis. However, the Boring Company still plans to complete the project on time and is teasing us with a little glimpse of its impressive progress:

In the brief clip we are able to see escalators for the passengers go to and from the tunnels, as well as three white Tesla vehicles inside the Loop station. Aside from the funky light show, it closely resembles a render that was previously released by the company:

Tesla and the Boring Company are thought to be working together on custom software to operate the autonomous transport shuttles found within the Loop’s tunnels. Additionally, the Boring company has already received the go ahead to expand to the next closest convention center, the Encore at Wynn casino.

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