Elon Musk Day

Happy #ElonMuskDay

Tesla community celebrates Elon Musk Day, taking a glimpse into the accomplishments of Elon Musk and all its companies, such as Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company.

Tesla is now a leading automaker of electric vehicles and helps the spreading of green activism to stand tall. Some of the members and influencers of the Tesla community share the happiness to be part of this “family.”

Musk affirms that his goals are to help humans on Earth to be able to make the most of clean energy and to get a better future for the world. And with this goal, Elon has turned many people into real believers of electric energy. In total, Tesla has saved the Earth’s atmosphere from over 3,585,446 tons of carbon dioxide. This leads to a greener future and cleaner air to breathe, providing a better life for all of us.

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