Cybertruck Will be the Perfect Vehicle for Fishing Lovers

In the absence of official news (via press release) about new features of this EV it is again Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, who has become a spokesman, unofficial of the company to respond on social networks to potential users who are looking for reasons to buy it. If you are a lover of fishing, do you know what this Cybertruck will offer you?

The last Twitter user has managed to elicit from Elon Musk a feature that until today had not been disclosed to the media about Cybertruck. When asked, “Have you thought about Cybertruck’s wading depth? I hunt and fish and sometimes need to cross streams. Can I do it without damaging the truck?”

Elon Musk’s response was immediate, and when faced with such a special (but logical) request, he answered surprisingly: “Yes. It will even float for a while.”

We still don’t know how much time the Cybertruck will be able to float in the water and under what circumstances. Being ready to wade through a river will surely serve all fans of fishing, hunting or even driving on rural trails.

This new feature joins the last one we met and that Elon Musk also unveiled, which will allow potential buyers to configure it as they like. Not only choosing any imaginable color, but also the pattern or graphic motif that they want. All this together gives an idea of how North Americans intend to market a pickup that has all the means to become a success. At least, the reserves point in that direction.

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