GM Responds to VW and Invests 27 Million in 30 New EVs by 2025

From the United States, the automobile giant General Motors (GM) responds to Volkswagen’s movements in the electric car sector with a plan that rivals the German group.

The Detroit firm does not want VW or Tesla to share the entire global electric mobility pie, so it has presented an ambitious plan to electrify its range during the presentation made on the Barclays Global Automotive Conference’s occasion.

The strategy twist of the North American colossus, together with the multi-million dollar investment announced to investors, means that more than half of GM’s capital and almost 60% of the team dedicated to product development will be allocated to electric car and vehicle autonomous programs.

GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, explained the reasons for the company’s new plan: “Climate change is real, and we want to be part of the solution by putting everyone on an electric vehicle.”

The brands have finally admitted that the future is electric and zero emissions, as Barra herself confirms by stating: “We are transitioning to an all-electric portfolio from a position of strength, and we are focused on growth.”

New electric Hummer SUV

During the presentation, GM showed the first images of the new and expected GMC Hummer EV in its SUV version.

The return to life of Hummer under electric propulsion has caused a sensation in the US and will reach the market where the pickup triumph in spring 2022 with the EV2 variant with a double engine and 248 miles of autonomy.

In 2022 the EV3X will debut with almost 310 miles, three engines, and vector torque. Finally, during the spring of 2023, Hummer will release its EV2X with the same autonomy as the previous, air suspension with extra height for TT emergencies, 4-wheel steering, and ‘crab’ mode.

New Pick-up to animate the market

During the presentation, the first images of another Pickup that will arrive shortly were filtered. GM confirmed plans to feature a Silverado-style electric at the event.

The “Chevrolet BET Truck will be the brand’s first full-size electric pickup truck, offering more than 397 miles of range on a single charge,” according to GM.

These two models are the prelude to the 30 new global vehicles that, according to Barra, will reach the market by 2025. What has not been clarified is whether any of these models will be from Nikola.

The GM group accumulates during 2020 a growth in the value of its shares of 16%, 6% above the development of the S&P 500 index. This year is especially attractive in stock market terms for the electric car sector, which is the year’s great stock market winner.

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