Tesla Plans to Introduce Improved Ranges for Existing Models

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been revealing and confirming a lot in recent days. Now we are learning the company is planning on improving the range of existing model to have around 700 km (435 Miles) of range.

Although whether EPA or WLTP testing procedures will be used was not disclosed, considering Tesla’s highest range vehicle, the Model S, has a EPA rated range of 647 km (402 miles) and a WLTP rated range of 652 km (405 miles) we are looking at a about 7 to 8% bump in range.

When looking at Tesla’s other vehicles with less range than that of the Model S, improvements would need to be much higher in order to reach the 700 km (435 miles). However, if Tesla delivers on its promise of its new 4860 battery cells and new structural pack technology increasing range by up to 30%, this task is completely plausible. 

Tesla’s current offers in the U.S. are as follows:

In addition, Musk noted that some of the new models will receive more range right off the bat: “We even have some models under development that can do 1,000 kilometers.”

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