Local German Union Upset Over Tesla’s New Hire

According to new reports, following the termination of the head of its Gigafactory Berlin project, Evan Horetsky, Tesla has hired the former head of a Mercedes-Benz factory. This might not sound like a big deal, but the Daimler factory’s local union is not happy about the new hire. 

Up until October of last year, René Reif was the head of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Marienfelde. Now, in new reports from union IG Metall, we are learning that Reif has joined Tesla. The California-based company has not confirmed if Reif will be taking over its Gigafactory Berlin project but from the reports from IG Metall, that seems the be the case.

Jan Otto, managing director of the Berlin IG Metall, commented (translated from German via Morgenpost): “We cannot build the future with soulless managers like this. We don’t understand why such a traditional and innovative car manufacturer like the Daimler group wants to capitulate to its American competitor. We want to shape the future in the factory. We are in talks with state politicians about this.”

In addition, a rally was organized by IG Metall in front of the Mercedes-Benz factory gate on Thursday. Otta commented on the rally stating: “We will make it clear that we see the change in the plant manager as a betrayal, it is questionable whether we have not been lied to the whole time.”

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