Tesla Extends eMMC Warranty For Older Units

A new ‘Warranty Adjustment Program’ was added to the Tesla website yesterday specific to the “8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (8GB eMMC).” After reports of several older Model S and Model X units experiencing touchscreen issues, the NHTSA began an investigation.

According to Tesla, this includes Model S and X vehicles produced prior to March 2018. After March 218,the “MCU1” system was replaced in said vehicles. However, this is not news to the company as owners of some older Tesla vehicles have been having issues with the first generation system’s touchscreens for years.

Although not all owners have experienced their touchscreens total failure, many have experienced its responsiveness failing or freezing and extended wait times while powering on. Though some, like mentioned before, have had complete failure. Tesla’s response came in the form of an upgraded warranty. Tesla wrote: “For customer peace of mind, we are providing additional coverage on some Model S and Model X vehicles built before March 2018 that are equipped with an 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (“8GB eMMC”) in the media control unit. We are aware that this component may malfunction due to accumulated wear. If this occurs, it could result in a blank or intermittently blank center display, or an alert indicating that a memory storage device has degraded and to contact Service.”

Again, this warranty only affects Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles made before March 2018. In addition, the warranty extension will not cover any parts related to the system, only the 8GB eMMC.

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