First Tests of Chang Li, the Cheapest Electric “Car” in the World

Chinese manufacturer Changzhou Xili Car Industry has recently released the Chang Li. A small urban vehicle that has risen to fame for being the cheapest electric car in the world. This model can only be purchased online through Alibaba (an e-commerce giant similar to Amazon).

The model is available for just 930 dollars (1,200 dollars with batteries) in its two-seater version. There is also a variant with three seats ($1,500). The vehicle is 2.5 meters long, 1.50 meters wide, and 1.80 meters high. Its weight is around 323 kg and it can carry a maximum of 300 kg.

The Chang Li is offered with three power levels: 1.15 hp, 1.36 cv, and 1.6 CVS. The maximum speed is 30 km/h, while the autonomy is between 40 and 100 kilometers per charge. It can overcome slopes of up to 30 degrees, it has independent suspensions, and its brakes are drum (more than enough given its weight and size). There are also three options for the batteries: 800 W, 1,000 W, or 1,200 W, which take 7-10 hours to charge.

The American specialized medium Jalopnik has recently been able to test the car. Journalist Jason Torchinsky ordered the vehicle through Alibaba. After being shipped from China, the model arrived at the home of its excited owner by truck. What are the conclusions of this petrolhead after testing it?

Its first impression is positive because the car works better than expected. Also, despite its low price, it has elements such as a reversing camera, a radio, and a heater. However, its weak point is the ridiculous power of its engine because although the car “flattens” acceptably, it is barely able to maintain its already reduced speed uphill (to the point that the protagonist’s son runs past him smoothly).

The conclusion? Chang Li is an amazingly cheap electric car that works the right way, although its limitations must be made clear. In fact, in fairness, it should not be considered a vehicle, as it is instead an extremely limited moped. Therefore, its use is reduced to a strictly urban environment.

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