Solar Roof Tiles are Tesla’s Next “Killer Product”

According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Tesla’s next product set for huge success will be its Solar Roof. Musk went as far as to call it the company’s next killer product saying it will become “obvious” next year.

Following the release of Tesla’s Q3 202 earnings, Elon Musk took some time during the conference call to talk up the company’s solar roof tiles. “When you look around the neighborhood in the future, decade from now, what do you want? What products are going to make your life better? What future do you want? And I think a future where we’ve got beautiful roofs generating energy that are tough and resilient and better in every way than a regular roof and alive with energy, that’s the future we want. Solar Roof is a killer product. This will become obvious next year.”

Although Tesla has hit a few bumps in the roads concerning the deployment of the solar roof tiles, Tesla believes it has and will continue to improve as far as its accelerated deployment. “Total solar deployments more than doubled in Q3 to 57 MW compared to the prior quarter, with Solar Roof deployments almost tripling sequentially.”

With the hype for the solar rood tiles from the CEO, it looks as though the company is preparing to hire a team of roofers to expand deployment capacity. According to Electrek, there are over 200 open roofer positions around the US. There are even positions that make it seem like Tesla is preparing to expand solar roof installations in Canada. Tesla Solar Roof doesn’t have much competition in the residential solar market in the United States, so it seems like it has all the ingredients to quickly become the “killer product” the EV giant expect it to be.

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