Tesla Admits Production Failure Caused Bumper Malfunction

A few weeks ago, a story went viral where an owner indicated that the rear bumper of his Tesla Model 3 had come loose, something that could have its origin in a wide variety of circumstances. Now, the American manufacturer has admitted the production problems of some units that leave its factory in California.

It is not the first unforeseen event suffered by some units that have been accused of having quite improvable levels of finishes. Mismatches in the frames and other small details represent a nuisance for the client when having to go to the not always nearby technical center to fix it if it succeeds.

Something that collides with the positive reviews of the units leaving the Shanghai plant, showing that Tesla has a problem with the California plant.

After the famous spontaneous roof “ejection” of a Model Y fresh from the dealership, now the news is that a Model 3 has lost its rear bumper while driving on a highway in heavy rain and passing through a large puddle. A not at all extreme situation that shouldn’t be a problem, and that seems to have happened on more than one occasion.

Now Tesla has released a statement admitting that this is a manufacturing problem. “In rare cases, certain Model 3 components built at the Fremont factory before May 21, 2019, can be damaged by driving through standing water on a poorly drained road or highway or puddles of water. In these cases, the rear bumper could detach from the vehicle, and the harnesses and/or the body fasteners/mounts could also be damaged. This document clarifies that the guarantee covers the damages caused during these cases.”

This means that units manufactured after May of last year will not have this problem, which is undoubtedly covered by the warranty but again uncovers the Fremont plant issues.

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