Tesla Wants to Produce 500,000 EVs by the End of 2020

According to a leaked email from Elon Musk to Tesla employees, the company’s primary goal is to increase production by almost 20% to end the year with 500,000 units manufactured. Considering that Tesla reached one million units sold in its entire history earlier this year, this goal for 2020 is very ambitious.

In the computation of the first three quarters, Tesla has been able to produce a total of 329,980 vehicles. Therefore, the Californian firm will have to manufacture around 170,020 units throughout the fourth quarter, or what is the same, increase production by 17.2% concerning the third quarter, a personal record for the firm with 145,036 units.

“It will be challenging but fascinating if we can exceed 500,000 cars made in a single year for the first time in Tesla’s history. When we started Tesla a little over 16 years ago, I never thought we’d get this far, but thanks to your hard work and ingenuity, we have the opportunity to make half a million cars in a single year. It all comes down to the fourth quarter. Take whatever action you can to improve production (while enhancing the quality).”

Although the bulk of Tesla’s production still comes from Fremont, the truth is that the good performance of Giga Shanghai has had a lot to do with the good numbers recently achieved by the brand, which in recent times has seen its sales soar in China, a country in which the electric car sector has come to dominate completely.

Next year, in addition to starting production of the Model Y at Giga Shanghai, Tesla will kick off production at Giga Berlin and Giga Austin. The first of them will manufacture the Model Y for Europe and become the first Tesla factory to use structural batteries and 4680 cells, while the second will be in charge of producing the Semi and Cybertruck.

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