Mercedes eCitaro G Includes 10-year warranty

Last month, Mercedes surprised the world by announcing the first electric bus’s commercial launch with a solid electrolyte battery. A very ambitious move involving the start of using a technology that some brands like Toyota still estimate takes five years to reach the market. Now we know all the details of this new model, including autonomy.

The eCitaro G is an articulated model of 18.13 meters long, with a propulsion system consisting of two engines that will be placed very close to the wheels. These will have a power of 125 kW each for a total of 250 kW (341 hp) and 11,000 Nm of torque.

The new eCitaro G will have several battery possibilities, which each customer can adapt according to their needs. From an NMC lithium battery pack, or the possibility of mounting the solid electrolyte pack.

According to the German manufacturer, these batteries have a very high energy density, around 25% more than the next generation of traditional lithium batteries with liquid electrolytes. This has enabled it to store up to 441 kWh in a single pack, which will allow it to reach a range of 136 miles with each charge in good condition. A figure that Mercedes itself indicates goes down to 105 miles during winters when it is necessary to pull more of the air conditioner.

The most positive aspect of opting for this alternative will be its high tolerance for fast recharges. The eCitaro G will be able to charge from a 150 kW socket, or with a pantograph on the top that will allow it to access powers of up to 300 kW.

Besides, Mercedes will offer a guarantee that reaches 10 years or a total of 280 MWh of energy consumption.

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