UBCO 2×2 Now Offers Over 80 Miles of Range

UBCO is a New Zealand manufacturer who had launched an exciting proposal. An electric moped with a two-wheel drive has become an interesting alternative for those who move through rural areas or look for a model with load capacity. Now the brand has confirmed the update of the range with a significant increase in autonomy.

Designed in New Zealand and distributed in Europe, the UBCO 2 × 2 is a different proposition. A product that looks like a bicycle, but without pedals and with a system of two electric motors, one on each wheel. On the one hand, something that allows it to be easily transported thanks to its contained weight and to move through complicated terrain will facilitate its adjustable suspension that we can configure both for off-road driving and when we move around the city.

One of the main strengths of this model is precisely its weight. Barely 65 kilos, including the battery, allow it to move with agility through difficult areas and even be lifted to be transported on a trailer. A minimalist body without great fanfare to the design adds accessories that expand the possibilities of transporting some cargo.

In the mechanical aspect, the UBCO 2 × 2 has a system of two electric motors with a power of 1 kW each and located on each wheel’s hub. It allows it to reach a maximum speed of 30mph, which makes it a moped at the homologation level.

The news with this renewal comes hand in hand with the possibilities in terms of its battery. In this way, each client will be able to select the capacity that best suits their needs or budget. A basic pack of 2.1 kWh, allows them to achieve a range of over 55 miles with each charge, an intermediate-range of 2.6 kWh, and a 75 miles range, or a 3.1 kWh battery, takes its range over 80 miles.

There will also be news in the expansion of the offer that will now have two versions. These will be technically the same but will change in aspects such as orientation, with ADV (Adventure) intended for mixed-use, urban and dirt roads, and the WRK (Work) designed for more professional tasks and equipped with knobby wheels more capable in complex situations.

As for prices, the cheapest version starts at $6,499 for the 2.1 kWh version, while the most accessible version of 3.1 kWh goes up to $6,999.

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