Maserati MC20 will have a 100% Electric Version

Within the complex network of brands that will be Stellantis, the colossal car manufacturer resulting from the merger between FCA (FIAT-Chrysler) and PSA (Peugeot-Citroën, Opel), the historic Italian firm Maserati will have a prominent role: just as it intends the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with Alpine, Maserati will spearhead Stellantis against Porsche, one of the most profitable brands in the Volkswagen Group.

To do this, Maserati will completely renew its range: in 2021, the company will launch both the second generation of its 2 + 2 GranTurismo sports car and the new D-SUV Grecale, called to compete against the Porsche Macan; in 2022, the GranCabrio (the convertible version of the GranTurismo) and the new Quattroporte (segment F) will be added; and in 2023 it will be the turn of the second generation of the Levante E-SUV.

These models will have 100% electric variants, following Porsche’s strategy of fully electrifying its range in the coming years. The only doubt is the continuity of the Ghibli (segment E), a model whose second generation could arrive, according to rumors, throughout the year 2024 fully electrified and with the Porsche Taycan in the spotlight.

However, this rebirth’s first step will not be any of the previously described models, but the newly introduced MC20. This supercar lays the brand’s foundations for the coming years in aspects such as technology or propulsion systems, as it will be available in gas and electric versions. However, for the moment, only the first has been revealed.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the 2004 MC12 (derived from the Ferrari Enzo), the Maserati MC20 measures 4.67 meters long, 1.95 meters wide, and 1.22 meters high. Like other central-engine thermal cars, this strict two-seater has two trunks: a 50-liter front and a 100-liter rear. Possibly both remain in the electric version.

The passenger compartment of the vehicle, which is accessed through elite-type opening doors, is very minimalist and uses leather and Alcantara extensive use. However, there is no lack of technical details such as a 10.3-inch digital instrument panel and a central touch screen (apparently the same as found in the new electric FIAT 500) of the same size associated with the new Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA). Thanks to the use of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis developed together with Dallara; the thermal MC20 throws a weight content of 1,470 kg.

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