The Cheapest Used Electric Cars On Sale Today

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The world of electric vehicles is expanding with each passing day. With new government measures being introduced to promote the uptake of EVs and the steady growth in UK infrastructure, it would appear that the future of motoring is electric.

And we’ll make no bones about it, buying a brand-new electric car can prove expensive, even with government grants and additional incentives. But as the number of EVs on our roads expands, so does the number of used examples. In fact, there are some very good deals out there – so let’s take a look.

Nissan Leaf – £5,500

Nissan’s ever-popular Leaf was one of the early mass-produced electric vehicles, and as a result there’s a good amount of used examples available on the market today. Surprisingly practical and stylishly designed too, the Leaf is a great everyday EV.

Early models can be secured for as little as £5,500 – though this will be for an older Leaf which will return around 75 miles on a single charge.

Renault Zoe – £7,000

Renault’s Zoe represents one of the very best used EV options available today. It’s compact, smartly designed and it’s got plenty of creature comforts too. Early models have a range of around 100 miles, and though that can’t quite beat the ranges of current EVs, it’s more than enough for most journeys.

Just pay attention to possible battery lease deals – some Zoes require you to lease the batteries separate to the car itself, so check ahead before you go through with the deal.

BMW i3 – £12,590

The BMW i3 is a car which was launched with such futuristic styling that it still looks cutting-edge despite being released some time ago. It’s packed with features and a space-age interior which utilises plenty of eco-friendly materials.

It’s a great used buy, too. The i3 can be found for as little as £12,590, and even though this is for an older model, these used i3s can achieve in excess of 150 miles from a single charge.

Volkswagen e-Golf – £13,999

If you want a car which doesn’t scream about its green credential from the mountaintops, then you’ll want the Volkswagen e-Golf. On the face of it, this is just any old version of VW’s famous hatch, yet it’s underpinned by a fully electric powertrain.

You get all of the usual Golf benefits too, including plenty of interior space and robust build quality. At this price, it represents excellent value for money. You’ll also get around 120 miles from a single charge, too.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric – £17,995

At the top of our list sits the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. As a reasonably new vehicle, it’s understandable that the Ioniq commands a higher price tag, yet given the excellent amount of standard equipment onboard, it still makes for a good deal.

It also rivals the Leaf for practicality, while a 127-mile claimed range on earlier models is more than usable.

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