Is Tesla’s Model 3 Renovation Already Manufactured?

At the beginning of the week, we told you that Tesla had begun to install the heat pump in the new Model 3 units that have left the Fremont factory as of last day 6. Now we have known that these changes will be more extensive than what we had thought, with modifications in some proposals that will result in a more competitive Model 3.

This is indicated by the Electrek portal, which has had access to one of these units but has no photograph to protect the sources.

Among the main novelties we find, in addition to the important installation of the heat pump, other elements, such as the change of the window panes for double-paned ones, which will result in better soundproofing and, therefore, greater comfort for the occupants also better isolation from external conditions, which should improve the whole energy level.

It has also removed the chrome finishes on the exterior. Something that many users have requested, and that will result in a somewhat more modern look. It will also mount an electric gate in the rear trunk, an element that some users had started to automate by hand, and that will now come from the factory.

Another aspect where users have focused their customizations is the central console. A design that has changed, leaving behind the gloss that is so much a problem with fingerprints and dirt, and that many owners have covered with a matte finish that will now come from the factory.

The phones’ charging area will also receive a residence, going from a two-piece to a single piece, and instead of a lid that opens upwards, it will become a sliding system as in the Model S and X.

On the other hand, the cup holders, where keys, garage controls, and other elements that are needed in the day to day are usually placed (also glasses sometimes) will lose their chrome frame and will be placed a little higher to facilitate the objects that we house there.

The best of all is that we will not have to wait to see this new proposal, since according to rumors, to avoid stopping sales until its arrival, Tesla has kept it a secret until the start of production that should have started on the 6th of May, and that will mean for those who have reserved their vehicle from that date to have a somewhat more competitive proposal.

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