Mercedes Exceeds 10,000 xEV Sales During Q3

Mercedes-Benz has announced its Q3 sales results and revealed that it was the first quarter the Mercedes xEV passenger car sales exceeded 10,000 monthly. Although no specifics were given we do know that 10,000 mark was hit, and then some:

“From July to September, we had the first quarter so far with more than 10,000 xEVs delivered monthly by Mercedes-Benz Cars. The high demand for the electrified models has been sustained, especially in Europe.”

Adding to the rise in growth of Merceds-Benz’ xEVs, the German automaker also announced the sales of the eVito, eSprinter, and EQV nearly hit 800. The company added that its backlog for the all-electric vans is over 2,000:

“In the past three months, we delivered almost 800 all-electric vans from Mercedes-Benz to customers and received further major orders for more than 2,000 of our e-vehicles. We are convinced that our products will play a significant role in shaping the next stage of transportation and in making it more sustainable in the long term.”

Additionally, the manufacturer explained how the switch to BEVs caused a 56.6% volume collapse year-over-year in Q3:

“At the smart brand, global unit sales were still below the previous year’s level due to the changeover to purely battery-electric drive; a total of 22,006 two- and four-door urban microcars were handed over to customers in the first nine months of the year (-74.9%).”

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