Tesla Begins Model 3 Deliveries in China

Tesla has hardly needed a year since the first jobs moving land on its land in Shanghai to start delivering vehicles in China. Accurately, 357 days from the start of the work and yesterday 29 were completed in its first phase with the delivery of the first units of Model 3.

The start of deliveries in China will also folow a substantial expansion of the network of technical services and Superchargers. Everything to get the most out of what has become Tesla’s most profitable market. This new installation allows the automaker to overcome high logistics costs, delivery times, and even possible geopolitical fluctuations that have always threatened production from the United States.

A production that currently has a guaranteed future thanks to factors such as the strong interest of Chinese consumers in the American brand, which will be reinforced with local manufacturing. Thanks to this, Tesla can benefit from public aid that allows a car to be placed on the street at a lower cost, increasing its competitiveness.

The profitability per unit sold of the Chinese Model 3 will reach much higher numbers than those that leave the California plant, estimated to be placed above even the most profitable brands, such as Porsche, with figures that will be between 30% and 35% margin per unit. All this does nothing but increases the optimism about the brand, which at the stock market level closed last Friday at another maximum with $ 430 per share, without back views.


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