Tesla’s Secret Project “Palladium” and What it Could Mean for the Model S and Model X

A new secret project by Tesla called “Palladium” has been discovered by Electrek. Few details have been revealed but we do know that it involves updates to the Model S and Model X.

The new secret project, codenamed “Palladium,” is currently being deployed in the company’s Fremont factory and Gigafactory Nevada. The project includes building new production lines for updated versions of the Model S and Model X.

Again, very few details were revealed, however according to Electrek’s sources, the new Palladium update is going to be quite significant. The update is expected to include new battery modules and drive units that are going to serve as the basis of the upcoming plaid version of Model S and Model X.

Even without seeing final numbers, the new powertrain seems like it will be very impressive. It is going to enable a tri-motor configuration for plaid and feature increased performance and efficiency.

Aside from the powertrain itself, one employee referenced a new “Model S and Model X Palladium Body.” Causing us to believe the new version of the vehicles will have a different body.

As part of the new Palladium project, Tesla is currently updating production lines in its Fremont factory and Gigafactory Nevada. Perhaps the launch will be ready in time for Tesla’s Battery Day which is expected to be held on September 15th.

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