GM EV Unseats Tesla Model 3 as China’s Top Selling EV

According to a report from Reuters on Tuesday, the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV officially became China’s top selling EV in August, only a month after it launched. The Hong Guang’s first month sales figures took the title over the Tesla Model 3 as the country’s best selling electric car.

The GM brand, that is sold only in China, announced the Mini EV in July and was able to sell 15,000 in August. During the same period, Tesla only sold 11,800 Model 3 sedans according to Reuters, citing Chinese industry data. The Hong Guang Mini EV‘s success is in part due to its price. The boxy EV has a starting price of just $4,200 at current exchange rates. A drastic leap from Tesla’s Model 3 which starts locally at $42,691.

The price isn’t the only big difference between the Hong Guang Mini EV’s and Tesla Model 3. During its debut, Wuling said the EV goes about 105 miles on a single charge and it makes just 17 horsepower and 63 pound-feet of torque. Furthermore, when they say Mini EV, they are not joking; the Hong Guang only measures 117 inches long. Despite its small stature and short range, the Hing Guang Mini EV clearly has a demand on the Chinese market.

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