Can Tesla Achieve Record Delivery Volume in Q3?

Last weekend Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to thank his team for its “great work on deliveries” during one of the company’s “toughest quarters.” Now, unofficial media reports suggests that Musk’s comments were referring to record delivery volume achieved by the Tesla team that week. 

The tweet came after an email sent to Tesla employees by Musk was released where Musk stated that record deliveries for the quarter were achievable as long as they “make vehicle deliveries your top priority. It is also essential that we keep factory production as high as possible for the remaining ten days.”

No official delivery numbers for the quarter have been released but expectations have reached a record high. Wall Street expected a number around 123,000 deliveries just a few weeks ago, but has since raised it to around 140,000.

The previous best delivery quarter for Tesla was Q4 2019 with 112,095 vehicles reaching customers. Q3 2020 production and delivery results from Tesla are expected before the end of the week.

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