The Solar Electric Car by Lightyear

With an impressive range of 725km (450 miles) on a single charge, the Lightyear One was announced in the Netherlands today.

The car has five square meters of solar panels, that cover roof, and hood. The company said these solar cells are the ones responsible for charging the battery cell and that are more efficient than traditional models.

The charging through the solar panel takes around an hour for a 12 km range, which is not much, but the Lightyear One can also be charged with the plug-in electric vehicle, with support up to 60kW of fast charging, meaning it could have a 507 km of range per hour of charge.

According to the company, the car can have an acceleration of 100 km/h in only ten seconds. The reason for that is the four electric motors.

Lightyear One

The price listed is different from pre-orders to the car itself. While the reservation reach of 135,000 dollars (around 119,000 euro), the starting price of 170,000 dollars (around $149,000 euro). You can check everything on Lightyear’s website.

The deliveries are expected to start in 2021.

As the CEO of Lightyear stated: “This moment represents a new era of driving.” We sure hope it is, even though the costs are high, the fact that we already have a company working on new source powers like solar is something exciting and different. Let’s how this will turn out in the future.

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