Precept Concept

Polestar Precept: A New Luxury Electric Concept Car With Google Tech On Board

The Sweden automaker just announced the Precept maybe another “Tesla Killer”?

This week we are seeing many teasers from automakers to give us a glimpse of what to expect from the Geneva Auto-show that will happen next month. Polestar decided to go against that and unveil all the details from its new concept, the Precept. And they did over a live video broadcast.

The first images from the car show us a four-door, fully electric grand tourer sedan. It’s not clear if they are aiming to conquer some of the Model S and Taycan market but it for sure looks like it. Since we are talking about a concept car, it’s not yet clear if they are planning to release this version, maybe a modified version could see the light of day.

The computer that runs all the human-machine interface features of the Precept is powered by collaboration between Google and Volvo. An essential feature is an eye-tracking system. It senses where is the driver attentions at all times and gives the right information on the right screen. Another great feature is the “screen proximity,” the display can sense that a finger is coming and adjust the right information and even increase brightness. All that makes much sense if we consider that autonomy is the focus of new cars for the next few years.

The “under the hood” specs are not yet released, but we might see more information during the Geneva Auto-show. However, we can bet that it will be comparable with the Model S.

Check out some images of the Polestar Precept:

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