Porsche Taycan Offers a MotorSport Sound for $500

The most anticipated electric vehicle on the market for the past few months, the Porsche Taycan, was finally revealed last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With all its amazing specs and features, the new car pleased customers from all around the world.

As a differential of electric cars, there is no emission of sounds coming from inside the car. This happens mostly because the noise is created by the combustion of the gas-fueled vehicle.

So, even though the quietness is a nature-friendly feature, there are many dangers for a car to drive silently around streets and roads. Inattentive pedestrians can be hit, or even other cars can cause a collision if they do not visually notice the other car on the way. 

Thinking of that, Porsche is making the Electric Sport Sound available for $500. A salty price for an mp3 file. Here is what the company stated:

Porsche Electric Sport Sound enhances the vehicle’s sound and makes it sound even more emotional — both outside and inside the car. Can be activated/deactivated via Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

You can check the sound in the link here.

Under the “Performance” section, the carmaker counts on the goodwill of the customers to spend a lot of money on sound. I don’t think the outcome will be very good for Porsche.


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