Elon Musk Promises the Arrival of Numerous New Functions to the Autopilot

Elon Musk has announced through his Twitter account that in two to four months, the Autopilot will receive new functions thanks to the rewriting of the autonomous driving system code. Among other improvements, the new Autopilot will include a more complex labeling system.

This means that new Autopilot features will roll out to Tesla’s fleet late in the third quarter or early in the fourth. Possibly when the latest Tesla software is released, it activates the FSD system (Full Self-Driving or Total Autonomous Driving Capacity). However, it is probably only an original version of it.

After its last update, the Autopilot recognizes the traffic lights’ color and even stops the vehicle when the light is red. However, recently Musk himself confirmed that in the short term, the system will also resume the march completely automatically when the traffic light turns green.

Although not confirmed, this enhancement may be introduced after software release with the rewritten Autopilot code. Probably much of the news is focused on autonomous driving on urban roads, an aspect in which Tesla has been working in recent times.

However, it is not yet clear which improvements will come to the Autopilot (which, as many of you will remember, is standard in the entire Tesla range), and which will be restricted to the FSD pack.

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