Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Model 3 Suffers A Massive Accident On Pikes Peak

During the prestigious Pikes Peak International Hill Climb training, the modified Tesla Model 3 from Unplugged Performance has suffered a spectacular accident whose images have been around the world. Fortunately, driver Randy Pobst emerged unscathed from the mishap and indeed plans to compete in the race next Sunday.

At the time, Pobst worked as a consultant for Tesla, helping the company adjust the behavior of the Model 3 Performance. Building on this foundation, Unplugged Performance has created a beast that not only set a lap record at Laguna Seca but was extremely competitive even on the Pikes Peak training days, pursuing the goal of winning the Exhibition Division.

Despite being familiar with the track, upon reaching the section dubbed the “Bottomless Pit,” Pobst ran over a pothole that caused the car to lose traction and crash into a stone guard to prevent vehicles falling to vacuum. This accident has had severe consequences for the integrity of the Model 3.

For starters, both the bottom of the rear shock absorbers and the tires blew out, the rims and rear subframe bent, the rear-drive unit sagged, the front left rear door and left rear quarter of the car suffered damage, the rear brakes are disabled, etc.

Despite everything, both Pobst and the Unplugged team are confident that they can fix the car for Sunday’s race, although the vehicle’s damage is massive and some question whether it will be possible to do it in time. With this, there are already two Tesla Model 3 crashed in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb training, as Josh Allen’s aerodynamic unit also suffered damage when he left at the end of the Halfway Picnic Ground straight.

Of the three Tesla Model 3s that were to participate in the competition, only one remains standing: the Electric Performance unit driven by Blake Fuller. Will Unplugged Performance fix his Tesla Model 3 in time for Sunday to fight for victory in the Exhibition Division? We hope so.

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