Tesla Model Y Shows Unexpected Results in Highway Speed Test

The German electric car rental company Nextmove, has put Tesla’s Model Y highway efficiency to the test against the rest of Tesla’s lineup. According to the company, the results are surprising.

Nextmove is no stranger to testing electric vehicles range at higher speeds. Over the year it has done multiple range tests on several different makes and models but is now showing how Tesla continues it reigns when it comes to the efficiency of electric vehicles. 

In a interesting mix up, the company pinned Tesla’s Performance version vehicles against each other in a new range and efficiency test at 130 km/h (80 mph) highway speed.

Via Electrek: “The EV rental company nextmove has carried out a unique comparative test on German Autobahn with the four electric cars of the SEXY collection and documented it in a YouTube video. Under ideal weather conditions (19 degrees Celsius, largely windless, cloudy) and little traffic, a distance of 225 kilometres was driven. “The competition from Volkswagen, BMW, Polestar or Lucid will have to measure up to the motorway ranges of 371 (Model Y) to 457 kilometres (Model S),” says nextmove Managing Director Stefan Moeller.”

As far as being “surprised” Nextmove said about the Model Ys performance “For the range test, four Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y were brought together in the performance versions. During the comparison drive (maximum speed 130 kph / average 120 kph) on a circuit from Hanover on the A2 towards Wolfsburg and back, the Tesla Model Y, the newest member of the SEXY model range, was particularly surprising with its motorway qualities.With a comparatively low consumption of 19.9 kilowatt hours per 100 km, the mid-range SUV has an impressive range of 371 kilometres.”

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