Hyundai Kona Beats Tesla Model Y with New Electric Range Record

Three electric Hyundai SUV’s spent three long days testing in Lausitzring, Germany in an attempt to exceed their goal of 1,000 km on a single charge. It appears they have been victorious, making their presence in the electric vehicle market that much more noticeable.

The current long-range title holder is the Tesla Model Y which was completely annihilated by the results achieved by Hyundai. The three Hyundais ran with a standard battery capacity of 64kWh and factory setups complete with standard Nexen tires.  The trio managed to set the record for total distance travelled on a mass-produced electric car with 1,018.7, 1024.1 and 1026 kilometers traveled. Additionally, the Kona averaged 6.24kWh per 100km, setting the record for low power consumption, using significantly less than the standardized 14.7kWh figure.

Hyundai Kona EV Record | Photo: Hyundai

The test was monitored by a European vehicle inspection company and ran for about 35 hours. It required several driver changes with drivers averaging around 30 km per hour. In addition, all in-car amenities were switched off (air-conditioning, entertainment displays, etc.) with daytime running lights on in order to comply with European road traffic laws.

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