Watch Tesla’s Collision Avoidance System in Action

In a new video uploaded to Youtube by user hmoop we see Tesla’s Collision Avoidance System in action as an unknown Tesla model is seen swerving to avoid a vehicle that turns directly in its path. Thanks to the TeslaCam footage the perfectly timed action was caught on tape.

It is a seemingly calm reaction and looks like any ordinary reaction a driver would have, jerking the wheel to avoid the unexpected vehicle crossing their path. The uploader stated that his Tesla performed its Collision Avoidance while his wife was driving their young child to hockey practice, stating in the description of the video “While my wife was driving our 10-year old to Hockey Practice, Tesla’s collision avoidance took over and saved the day! Had this happened in my wife’s car, both cars likely would have been totaled and the driver of the other car would be in rough shape.”

Other than the uploaders word, there is no confirmation that the car actually used its Collision Avoidance. However, if it in fact did, it was a very well executed performance and accomplished exactly what it was supposed to.

Viewers were also interested in whether the driver was using Autopilot when the incident occurred. The user went to the comments to answer one viewer who asked just that, saying “My wife was driving. She says she was not on AP or TACC but that doesn’t really matter because this was the Collision Avoidance system. She’s not a good enough driver to steer to the left “into” the oncoming car (AP steered to where the car is, but won’t be, rather than what we humans tend to want to do which is steer to where the car isn’t, but will be).”

Checkout the full video below:

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