Nikola Open to Partner with Unexpected Competitor

While Nikola is hard at work getting ready for the production of it all-electric truck in 2021, Nikola founder and Chairman, Trevor Milton, told South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper that he would like to cooperate with Hyundai. Milton also noted that there have been two occasions that he made proposals to the company but was ultimately denied.

In a statement to Reuters, a Nikola spokeswoman confirmed that the company is open to collaborating, but did not confirm if any new proposals were presented to Hyundai as of late.

An additional Reuters source said that Hyundai has plans to sell its hydrogen systems to other automakers. However, with Nikola shaping up to be a strong competitor, Hyundai may not be willing to sell to them. No comment from Hyundai was given.

Hyundai and Audi partner on hydrogen vehicle technology and recently Hyundai shipped the first mass-produced fuel-cell work trucks in the world to Switzerland.

As mentioned before, Nikola plans to start producing all-electric trucks in 2021. Following the production of its all-electric trucks, the company plans to produce fuel-cell electric trucks in 2023.

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