Hyundai Launches County Electric Minibus

Hyundai has just launched in South Korea an interesting proposal within the public transport sector. A compact electric bus that will become an exciting alternative for operators who need a smaller model to offer zero-emission mobility in places such as cities with narrow streets, but also serves as a solution in applications such as school transport.

It is a 7.71 meter long model with a capacity of between 15 and 33 seats, depending on the configuration. A contained size proposal usually does not abound in a sector focused on the great models.

One of the main benefits of this configuration is the linear potential of the electric motor with a power of 150 kW (205 CV). Something significant in places like narrow streets or steep slopes, where 30% extra power compared to the diesel model allows you to move more freely, and of course, less noise and without emissions.

The battery for its part is a pack of lithium polymer with a capacity of 128 kWh, which according to the manufacturer, provides a range of 155 miles with a full charge. A number achieved under the demanding Korean cycle, very similar to the American EPA.

The battery can be fully charged in 72 minutes using a standard CCS Combo system, up to 150 kW, or also using a conventional socket or a three-phase input.

Hyundai equipped the bus with the latest safety technologies to prevent accidents when passengers get on and off. Several sensors near the middle door, including an ultrasound sensor, prevent the door from closing as the passenger gets on and off. Sensors also trigger an alarm when a body part gets caught in the door and automatically opens it to prevent injury. The ultrasonic sensor is also connected to the bus’s accelerator pedal, preventing the bus from advancing from a stop when passenger movement is detected. County Electric also comes with a virtual motor sound system and rear parking assistance system to warn pedestrians and prevent accidents.

“County Electric is a zero-emission bus that offers excellent safety and practicality for drivers and passengers. With the growing demand for electric vehicles in the commercial vehicle market, Hyundai is accelerating the introduction of vehicles such as County Electric,” said Yoon Lee, Vice President and Head of the Hyundai Motor Commercial Vehicle Products Group.

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