Nikola Motors Reveals the Price of the Badger

Earlier this month, Nikola Motors unveiled one of its new projects. A magnetic pick-up equipped with a very aggressive design and an electrical system that can be operated with a battery, or combining this with a hydrogen battery allowing it to extend its autonomy to nearly 622 miles.

Prices have been confirmed by Nikola President Trevor Milton, who has indicated that the Nikola Badger will hit the market at costs ranging from $60,000 to $90,000 depending on the configuration selected.

As we remember, the Nikola Badger will always use a 100% electric system, with a version equipped with a 160 kWh battery, which will allow it to achieve an EPA autonomy of about 300-mile range (pending homologation). The second variant will have this same battery, plus a hydrogen system. A hybrid format that will allow you to achieve a range of 600 miles, and the driver can select in which mode he wants to move at any time by simply pressing a button. The battery only, for everyday use, or in hybrid mode for long trips.

Also, in the last hours, the president of the North American manufacturer has indicated that the opening of the reserves will take place on June 29 and that a unit of the most expensive version will be raffled among those who make a reservation. The winner will be announced at the meeting that will take place at the end of the year where the final aspect of this proposal will be shown.

The number of raffles for this draw will depend on the amount that the client formalizes in the form of a reservation. The most basic being 250 dollars, which will allow you to access a discount of 500 dollars on the vehicle, tickets for the event, and two raffles for the draw. A deposit that, like the rest, can be recovered without cost and at any time.

The second section involves making a reservation of $1,000, which will mean a discount of $2,000 on the purchase of the car and being able to receive four raffles for the draw. Finally, there is the most expensive section, which involves the delivery of $5,000, and will allow access to a special edition “Founder” of the Badger, as well as a discount of $7,500 on the purchase and a total of 25 raffles for the draw.

A model that possibly hangs the poster of everything sold. There are some doubts on the part of the analysts since at the moment we continue talking about a company that has not manufactured anything and has only shown some non-functional prototypes, being the short and medium-term billing of practically zero dollars a year.

But the market is turning towards electric mobility. If the automaker manages to translate the promises into a competitive product, they will have no problem placing all the products that they are capable of carrying out in a market very hungry for all kinds of alternatives. Once again we see more proposals among the popular pick-up in the United States.

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