Volkswagen Announces It Will Open ID.3 Orders On June 17

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Sales Director, announced today on social networks Twitter and LinkedIn that starting June 17, customers who pre-reserved the ID.3 1ST Edition will be able to complete their orders. Thus, buyers who deposited $1,000 to reserve the car will be contacted shortly by the brand to place their order, which will be processed by a Volkswagen dealer.

Volkswagen estimates that it will be able to simultaneously deliver the 30,000 units that make up the special launch edition 1ST Edition in August. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that despite the rumors that the brand would not be able to meet the expected deadlines, it will finally distribute the first units of its expected electric compact on time.

Even though the production of the car started at the end of last year, the truth is that the thousands of units manufactured so far have had to be stored in fields scattered throughout Germany, waiting for the company to complete the development of the car software. Therefore, all vehicles manufactured so far will have to be updated (some manually, others via OTA).

The first units of ID.3 will have the basic software necessary to function installed. However, the company has confirmed that over the following months it will begin to launch updates via OTA regularly to unblock functions that will not be initially available. At the moment Volkswagen has not specified which features will be disabled during the launch of the car.

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