Hyundai Starts the Production of the Electric Kona in Europe

Hyundai Motor has already officially confirmed the start of the production of the Electric Kona at its factory in the Czech Republic.

The Nošovice plant will have a new production line for the Kona, and it will have a capacity to carry out 30,000 units of Kona Electric per year. This will be added to the units that leave the factory that the Koreans have in Ulsan, with a capacity of about 50,000 units annually. Something that will triple the number of units destined for the European market that is the main focus of sales of the electric SUV.

Undoubtedly one of the critical points of electric cars is the supply of batteries. In this case, Hyundai has opted entirely for its European origin, and that way, the cells that use the European version of the Kona will come from local suppliers. Quite possibly from the plant that LG has in the Polish town of Dolnośląskie, just 270 kilometers away from the Hyundai factory.

Another novelty is that customers who purchase a factory unit from the electric Kona will have the opportunity to track the estimated time of arrival of their vehicle from an application form where they will know when it began assembly, and when it will reach its nearest dealer.

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