Volkswagen Sold Over 80,000 Plug-In Electric Cars in 2019

Last year the German automaker increased the number of plug-in electric car sales by about 60%. This number made a big difference in the total amount of vehicles, from around 50,000 to over 80,000.

The Volkswagen e-Golf was the winner in sales with 35,000 deliveries.

“The Volkswagen brand forged ahead with electrification in the year which has come to an end. Compared with the previous year, the number of electric vehicles delivered grew by about 60 percent to more than 80,000 units. More than half of these customers opted for an all-electric vehicle, and the remainder chose a plug-in hybrid. Once again, the most popular model was the e-Golf, with more than 35,000 units delivered.”

The American consultant Wood Mackenzie has published a study on the trend of the electric car sector in the next eight years. He expects that VW’s produces about 14 million units, based on plans and production capacity, plus the improvements added in recent months. While it does not reach the VW target, it would represent a world market share of electric cars of 27%. But even with this more modest figure regarding brand estimates, it would mean that Volkswagen would have to get 30% of world battery production just for use.

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