Tata Presents the Sierra EV Concept

Tata has presented the Sierra Concept, a fully electric prototype that advances the master lines of the brand’s future C-SUV. This SUV maintains some of the features of the original Sierra/Telcosport, such as the curved rear windows towards the roof studs. However, it adopts the brand’s new design philosophy: very sharp LED headlights, marked wheel arches, and black plastic protections in the low and in the bumpers.

The Sierra Concept has an asymmetrical body configuration: on the left side it shows two doors, while on the right just one. This could mean two things; either the production model will be available with three and five doors, or that the rear doors will be disguised as is already the case in models such as the Renault Clio. The possibility of an asymmetric configuration in the production model, as in the Hyundai Veloster, seems remote.

Tata has not given details about the car’s electric powertrain, although it seems clear that it could be the all-wheel-drive with off-road performance.


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