Hyundai Prophecy

Hyundai Reveals New Data on the Prophecy, Anticipating the Future of the Brand

Hyundai presented the electric prototype “Prophecy,” showing some of the ideas and characteristics that its vehicles will have in the future. Sitting on the new modular platform E-GMP, designed exclusively for 100% electric cars, the Prophecy is a clear example of how the new mechanical configurations will allow the design of the bodies to be made more flexible. Thanks to the small size of the manufacturers of the electric motor, it will be able to dispense with long hoods or cantilevers, among other things. Inspired by cars from the 1920s and 1930s, the Prophecy has a sleek coupe-like silhouette whose smooth curves contrast with the many angles that the 45 EV Concept, Hyundai’s first prototype based on the E-GMP platform, displayed. 

Hyundai Prophecy

Prophecy boasts Hyundai’s new design named Sensuous Sportiness:  “integrates the most emotional value in our designs and ‘Sportiness’ implies dynamism, being reactive to what is happening around us,” explains SangYup Lee, Director of Hyundai’s Global Design Center, it “does not refer to a new language or philosophy, but a new concept in the creation of our cars.”

Inside we find dark colors and a selection of materials reminiscent of nature. Also, instead of a steering wheel, the Prophecy has two joysticks located to the left and to the right of the driver. These together, with the spacious interior, allows a more comfortable driving position. The joysticks have a series of buttons that will enable you to control 90% of the car’s functions (for example, using the sound system) without having to release them. This thanks to an ergonomic configuration called Intuitive Human Interface, which aims to increase passenger safety and visual freedom.

The feature “Smart Posture Care System (SPCS),” will intelligently adjust seats, mirrors, Head-up Display, etc, depending on the height and weight of the driver. The infotainment system is integrated into a large panoramic screen that runs the entire width of the cabin, which can be combined with a “relax mode” in which the seats recline.

Hyundai Prophecy

The Prophecy has an air filtration system with a built-in excellent dust sensor, purifying the air even when the car is charging. Because the air inside the Prophecy is always fresh, the laminated glass windows are fixed. The intelligent ventilation system is also more efficient than a conventional one.

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